Charitable Collections, Organizations and Causes FTLA Apparel Supports


Charitable Collections, Organizations and Causes FTLA Apparel supports and makes monetary contributions to. 

Giving back to the animals is extremely important to me and was always part of my initial conception of FTLA Apparel. 

Over the course of approximately 2 years, with the support of my customers, I have been able to raise and donate over $15,500.00 to the organizations below as well as several other non-profit animal rescue organizations. 

I donate a portion of my sales to the organizations below on a monthly and/or bi-monthly basis. I make sure I do my research and due diligence before making a commitment, collaborating with and ultimately making donations to specific organizations so that I know the money I donate is going towards a cause I truly believe in and support wholeheartedly. 

I also make donations to various other non-profit organizations, rescues as well as contributions towards individuals who need help financially for their fur babies when I am able to do so. 

My biggest passions in life are animal welfare, cruelty prevention, protection, advocacy and awareness. By launching my line of FTLA Apparel I have been given the opportunity to meet some really amazing animal lovers, advocates and organizations that share a common goal, helping as many animals as possible. 

There are so many more causes I hope to be able to collaborate with, support and make monetary donations to and I believe as my business continues to grow, the list below will also grow. 


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FTLA Apparel's Beagle Freedom Project Apparel


The Fur-Bearers #MakeFurHistory Collection by FTLA Apparel


Hounds and Heroes Collection of FTLA Apparel







 Coming Soon!!! - Animal Rescue Media & Education ARME Collection by FTLA Apparel






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