#MakeFurHistory FTLA Apparel

I've always been very passionate about exposing the horrific brutality of the fur industry and showing others that there are countless natural alternatives to wearing fur. Fur is not meant to be worn by humans. Fur-Bearing animals were given their fur to keep them warm and mankind was given natural resources and the capability to utilize these natural resources, so that we wouldn't have the need to torture innocent animals for their fur. 

The Fur-Bearers is an amazing group of people, working hard to expose and put an end to the commercial fur trade, ban leg holds, traps and snares, and working to introduce ways we can Co-Exist with wildlife that doesn't involve inhumane practices. 

The Fur-Bearer Defenders rely solely on donations and I'm honored to be able to help spread the #MakeFurHistory message, while donating a portion of sales from this Collection back to the Fur-Bearer Defenders, to help aid in this fight to protect innocent animals from the unnecessary, barbaric torture and painfully slow deaths they are subjected to at the hand of mankind for the use of their fur. 

A portion of the proceeds from all my #MakeFurHistory Apparel is donated to
FurBearer Defenders 

For more info on Furbearer Defenders and the work they are doing to help wildlife and
work towards a fur free, cruelty free world...

Choose from my Collection of styles and designs to represent a great cause while Making A Literal Fashion Statement!




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