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I'm so incredibly honored to be featured on The Daily Biscuit on The Rescue Dogs Movie  website! 

Here's a little snippet from their website but click here for the entire article

For the Love of Animals

Clothing designer and animal advocate Kimberly Fawn Panzarella has combined her two passions to make a literal fashion statement. Panzarella is the owner of the innovative clothing company, For the Love of Animals Apparel (FTLA Apparel), which is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly clothing line for animal lovers.

“I’ve always loved animals. It’s just in my blood,” Panzarella says. “A few years back, before FTLA, I became active in local rescues. Helping people find lost or missing pets, volunteering at local shelters. … It’s just a huge part of me.” 

She even started a Massachusetts-based group called Help Locate Lost and Missing Pets, a network that works together to return missing pets to their pet-parents. 

“As time went on I became more and more involved. I’ve always been an advocate for animals,” Panzarella says. 

In addition to writing letters to legislators regarding bills about animal rights, Panzarella has worked with several animal rescues, shelters, and animal control officers in Massachusetts. At one point she wanted to be a humane law enforcement officer. 

She notes that as she learned more about animal cruelty prevention and conservancy, “Some of the things I came across were inconceivable. … So my interests started to expand. Every day I learn more and more about a different issue that’s destroying or hurting animals.” 

Panzarella has been a vegan for a decade, a result of watching the video exposé of KFC’s cruelty to chickens by Pamela Anderson back in 2006.

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